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Are Psychic Readings For Real?

I took a class with Bryan Farah in this class we tested many theories on psychic's we even had psychic's that would work with us. For the most part everything I learned was that psychic's are fake. The only thing in the class that made me doubt that was one of the psychic's that agreed to be tested.  Her name was Tisha Bibb she was extremely accurate her accuracy rate was higher the John Edward.  I was extremely surprised so I booked a reading with Tisha outside of the class to see what would come up. I told her I was with the class before the reading she even agreed to read for me for free. I called her from a private number and all she had was my first name. I was in a skeptic class so I knew I needed to make sure I followed the skeptic rules !

So she started the reading with basic chatter . Then she caught me by surprise she asked me who "blank was " and I was like wow that is my father how did you know? She went on to tell me she saw that he had just gotten out of the hospital and she wanted me to know that he would be ok.  This was what I needed concrete information !  She also told me about my love life. She was extremely accurate.

I tested 3 other psychic's while I was in the skeptic class all of the others did not give me anything at all to make me believe. My over all conclusion is that most psychic's are fake but after Tisha worked with our class and I had the private reading with her I would say that there are a few real psychic's But most are fake !


If you would like to take the class I took and you are in Oklahoma look-up



By: Sarah


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